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What is the main difference between DNSSense and Infoblox?

We already have Fortinet, Palo Alto, Symantec Bluecoat, a Forcepoint Next-Generation Firewall, etc. Why should we buy DNSSense?

Do you offer an authoritative DNS service?

Do you offer a DDI service?

What is your licencing model?

Can I buy the products separately, or are they all purchased at once?

How long does it Take to deploy the products, and is it necessary to have a constant administrator (admin) control?

What is DGA? Is it possible to block?

Why should we adopt DNS-level protection?


What is the “Security Gap” feature?

What are the advantages of your smart SIEM integration?

Which SIEM products do you provide integration with?

Which DNS products do you read with “DNSEye”?

Why is DNS visibility important?


Is there a feature to block unknown (firstly-seen) domains?

Can the “Roaming Client” disable itself when it enters the local network?

Is there any protection against users disabling the “Roaming Client”?

Does “Roaming Client” cause any issues in system performance?

Which platforms does “Roaming Client” support?

Is it possible to give access to a blocked domain?

Is it possible to block specific categories or certain user groups?

Is there a DNS tunnelling protection feature?

Can DNSSense detect phishing domains?

Cyber X-Ray

What is your false positive rate in domain classification?

You claim that you categorise better than other companies. How can you prove this?