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Protect all your users at DNS level from harmful contents of the internet with the help of AI.
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DNSEye detects malicious traffic on your network, and reports whether this traffic can be blocked by your other security devices.


Protect all your users at DNS level from harmful contents of the Internet with the help of AI-based domain classification.


Cyber X-Ray classifies the domains on the Internet according to their “historical and relational data” with artificial intelligence algorithms.

Easy deployment

Find the infected devices without changing DNS infrastructure

Easy deployment


Easy deployment

Find the infected devices without changing DNS infrastructure

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"My overall experience with DNSSense was quite satisfactory. DNSSense dashboard is very user friendly, there is nothing complicated. DNSSense has the fastest deployment we have seen so far. Invisible domains became open secret after we started seeing them with advanced DNS visibility."

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"DNSSense Security Gap Visibility is one of the most unique tools that we have ever seen. Advanced Security Gap Visibility provides continuous risk identification and implications. Our SOC team has made significant progress with filter-based SIEM integration."

Gain visibility into your organization's cyber risk

"DNSSense has been critical in our attempts to secure our staff and devices regardless of location or network security. We've seen DNSSense grow and improve over the years and it's now successfully combined a lightweight DNS security solution with considerable first-line protection."

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