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As a leading provider of DNS layer security, we’ve helped businesses of all sizes and industries connect to the Internet with confidence, on-and off-network.

Why DNS level protection?

First Level Protection

Since the DNS layer is located at the top of the application layer, malicious traffic is blocked before it even starts.

Holistic Security Approach

DNS is used by all protocols such as HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, and IoT. DNS traffic provides information, not only about the application layer, but also your entire network.

Invisible Malware Domains

According to the latest statistics, 80% of malware domains do not have an IP address. Malware requests that do not have IP addresses can only be detected in the DNS log.

Protect all your users at the DNS level

DNSDome allows you to protect all your users at the DNS level from harmful content online such as ransomware, spam, phishing attacks and even zero-hour malware with the help of its AI-based domain classification.

With DNSDome, connect to the Internet with confidence, on-and off-network.

Key benefits


No agents or installation required

DNSDome does not need an agent. You can protect your systems without performing any installation. DNSDome’s persistent DNS provides improved query latency using the UDP protocol to encrypt DNS data, providing faster internet than DoH & DoT. The quick and installation-free deployment means that your network architecture will not have to undergo any changes.

Real-Time domain categorisation

With the help of DNSDome’s 100% AI-based domain classification infrastructure, domain contents and security risk levels can be calculated instantly. In addition to the newly classified domains, the recategorisation process of 3M domains will continue on the Cyber X-Ray platform.

DNS tunnelling

With DNS tunnelling, data exfiltration attacks cannot be detected by DLP products. It requires protection at the DNS level for effective solution.

Positive security model

Don’t be a victim of a zero-day exploit! No action needed. Unknown domains will be categorised automatically in minutes! DNSSense recommends this at the top of its policies. Secure your network against unknown malicious attacks!

Best dynamic threat database

We have the best dynamic threat database at hand! Our AI-powered database constantly gathers information on all domains by scanning the entire Internet and classifying the domains according to their content.

Roaming Clients Protection

Courtesy of DNSDome’s Roaming Client module, which provides cloud-based traffic analysis and security, the client’s DNS traffic will be analysed and DNS-layer protection will be granted to the client regardless of the network to which the device is connected. In this situation, people who work remotely cannot benefit from the security services that are deployed in their offices. Moreover, these people will probably store crucial information and files on their laptops/devices regarding their company.

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