Detect & Respond to Unknown Cyber Threats

Deploy AI-based protection for all devices at once. Simplify your security and mature your defences with DNSDome. Detect, deflect, and decipher hidden threats within your network.

Embrace how DNSDome improves your cyber security posture

Protection against tunneling attempts

Neutralise hard-to-detect tunneling attacks, including ultra-slow DNS tunneling that could last up to two years just to transfer 2MB of data. Strengthen your cyber defence against persistent threats with our multi-faceted approach, utilising AI-based anomaly detection and analysis.

Unrivalled domain intelligence

Access our lightning-fast AI-driven domain intelligence service, Cyber X-RayTM. Eliminate false positives and the need for frequent database updates that come with traditional firewalls and solutions. Transform misty threats into crystal-clear insights for informed decision-making.

Instant fortification of the entire network

Secure all your devices, including IoTs and roaming clients, with a plug & play deployment that requires no lengthy installations or unnecessary network changes. Enjoy a quick and uninterrupted implementation, ensuring a stress-free cybersecurity experience.

Build up a comprehensive network defence against advanced cyber threats

Secure your entire network instantly against hard-to-detect DNS tunneling attempts, ransomware, phishing, malware, and zero-day.

Navigate the digital world with unwavering confidence, both on and off the network.

How It Works

Key benefits


Unparalleled AI-based DNS tunneling protection

Rise above ineffective signature-based protection methods, and instantly detect and block hard-to-detect tunneling attacks with the help of artificial intelligence capabilities.

Active protection across the entire network

Protect networks, applications, and users against a wide range of threats, including ransomware, spam, advanced phishing, malware and zero-day attacks.

Rapid and plug & play deployment

Deployed in just a matter of minutes, DNSDome is designed to cater to networks of any size, requiring only minor configurations to start protecting all devices.

Best domain intelligence service

Leveraging historical data and employing multiple neural engines, Cyber X-Ray delivers rapid and accurate insights into existing and firstly-seen domains.

Positive security model

Block connections to firstly seen and newly registered domains until deemed safe. Classifying unknown domains within a few minutes, DNSDome provides rock-solid protection without impacting connectivity.

Roaming client protection

With DNSDome, protection for corporate employees and resources can be easily extended to remote workers, ensuring the same level of effective security regardless of their location or platform.

Frequently asked questions

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