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Enhanced Protection for Remote Workers


With more and more employees demanding flexibility, employers are caught between balancing the requests for remote working and achieving adequately secured infrastructure. Remote working increases the attack surface and risk profile of an organisation.

Legacy solutions, such as VPN technology, are both tricky to deploy and overly permissive, granting an unnecessary level of privilege and access to the internal network.

Devices outside the corporate network are also less likely to be strictly monitored for the manner of their use and security posture, especially if they are personal devices.

DNSSense's Solution

Roaming Clients
A DNSDome Feature

With the “Roaming Clients” module, protection for corporate employees and resources can be easily extended to remote workers, ensuring the same level of effective security regardless of their location or platform.

Simple and easy deployment and cross platform support allows security teams to quickly roll out the module, and a tamper proof agent prevents end users from switching off protection.