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Manual Incident Response:
An Impractical and Drawback-Ridden Approach


As infrastructures and networks continue to expand, organisations are confronted with the daunting task of effectively managing and making sense of growing volumes of data. Manual security alert management presents significant limitations, including reliance on human judgment, heightened risk of errors, absence of standardised and consistent response protocols, delayed detection, prolonged downtime, and potential disruptions to operations in the event of successful attacks. These challenges underscore the need for automated alternatives that can ensure timely mitigation of security incidents without overwhelming the available resources.

DNSSense's Solution

Security Incidents
A DNSEye Feature

DNSSense’s “Security Incidents” module alleviates the weight of manual incident response, providing organisations with real-time automated response capabilities. By seamlessly integrating advanced analytics and aggregated intelligence feeds from Cyber X-Ray and other endpoints, it streamlines SOC/MDR services and automates workflows, enabling the most comprehensive analysis of DNS traffic.

“Security Incidents” goes beyond being a mere warning system and enables organisations to stay ahead of obscure DNS tunneling attempts and newly emerging cyber-attacks. With the ability to define easily customisable incident scenarios tailored to the unique needs of each organisation, the module ensures heightened security for critical devices.