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Revolutionary DNS understanding with DDR 2.0 Solution

DNS is a fundamental building block of the internet that is widely exploited by adversaries. Our DNS Detection and Response (DDR) approach provides unmatched network visibility, dynamic monitoring, and proactive security against known and unknown threats.

With DNSSense DDR 2.0, you can uncover infected devices, rogue applications, and compromised users through intelligent enrichment with EDR/XDR, DHCP, and IAM platforms.

Active protection at your doorstep!

In a digital world where threats are rapidly evolving, organisations can no longer afford to rely on conventional tools. DNSSense is a complementary shield that empowers you to take proactive measures against the most advanced cyber-attacks.
Next-Generation DNS Tunnel Defence
Traditional intrusion detection systems inspect data packets for unique patterns or “signatures” to identify attacks. This technique has serious limitations as it can only reveal well-known threats.

DNSSense goes beyond the signature-based approach by utilising AI and machine learning algorithms to detect and neutralise the most sophisticated DNS tunnelling attempts, such as AI-based (heuristic) and ultra-slow DNS tunnelling that extend over long periods of time.
Unknown Threats Unmasked
Threat actors are constantly evolving their tactics to exploit vulnerabilities. A recent trend involves creating new variants of known threats that often elude signature-based detection systems. By inspecting outbound DNS traffic across devices, users, and applications for any anomalies indicative of a threat, the AI powered detection engine of DNSSense has the re-learning ability to detect and protect against new forms of malware.
Unrivalled Domain Intelligence at Your Fingertips
While most vendors are busy claiming to have the “top-of-the-line” intelligence database at their disposal, DNSSense is busy showing it in reality!

Developed by DNSSense engineers, Cyber X-Ray is the fastest AI-powered domain threat database in the industry that inspects and classifies every Internet domain with pinpoint accuracy. By making our peerless domain threat intelligence transparent, we empower our users with the insights needed for informed decision-making.

DNSSense is an AI and Machine Learning masterstroke, extracting unmatched insights from DNS logs.

DNSSense is about gaining the power to not just react, but to act with precision and initiative, and that’s why it’s the solution of choice by blue-chip companies.

DNSSense Highlights

One Dashboard, An Ocean of Insight
Through its unique “Security Gap” feature, DNSSense empowers security officers to make sense of previously unintelligible traffic. By cross-referencing the responses of existing security controls to rogue DNS traffic, DNSSense unveils any gaps that may be exploited by attackers, reinforcing the security posture of organisations.
No Tangled Wires: Plug-and-Play
DNSSense eliminates complex installation processes. Our solution quickly becomes operational when plugged in, preserving network topology integrity. Once deployed, it offers real-time protection against a broad range of online threats, such as malware, phishing, ransomware, and other cyber-attacks that endanger network security.
Smart Cross-Platform Integration
DNSSense is the epitome of “interoperability”, allowing easy integration with your existing security stack including EDR/XDR, DHCP, and IAM platforms. It can also forward critical security alerts to your SIEM/SOAR, thus empowering your SOC teams to uncover potential breaches while reducing EPS costs.
Firstly Seen Domains: No Longer A Cause For Concern
Cyber X-Ray, world most advanced domain intelligence database, has put an end to the widespread abuse of newly registered domains in cyber-attacks by categorising them in mere minutes. Its lightning classification speed prioritises safety without compromising connectivity.

What makes DNSSense different?

Contrasting Key Features: DNSSense vs. Others


Cisco Umbrella


Palo Alto

AI-Based DNS Tunnelling Protection
Agentless Cross-Device DNS Visibility
Smart SIEM Integration
Security GAP Analysis Report
Infected Device/File Detection
Domain Info Enrichment
Firstly-Visited & Why Visited Domain Insight Abilities

Enhance Your Current Security Solutions' Capabilities

Cross smart-platform integration
DNSSense is the epitome of “interoperability”, allowing plug & play installation and easy integration with your existing security stack including EDR, XDR, DHCP, and IAM platforms.

We proudly present our users' opinions on DNSSense

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"Extra layer of protection is a must for all networks"
DNSEye product by DNSSense has certainly made an impact on me and my expectations of DNS security solutions. It has proven to be a valuable asset to my current network infrastructure.
- Network and Security Executive (51 -1000 emp.)
"Didn't know that we needed it; we would have started using it sooner."
DNSEye provides advanced category-based filtering for all devices. The reporting capabilities of the platform are excellent. Installation and configuration, as well as ongoing management, are extremely simple. SIEM integration without almost no EPS increase is the cherry on top.
- Security Manager (51 - 1000 emp.)
"Supports the Overall Cyber Security Operations"
DNSEye saves us time and resources. Besides protection, it pinpoints the source of the malware. SIEM integration is very helpful. You can send DNS traffic data to SIEM for free. You can expect to see a DNS tunnel attack being blocked and an alert to SIEM has been created along with the source of the malicious activity, simultaneously.
- Head of Network and Security | Enterprise (> 1000 emp.)
''Intelligent protection, great value as well."
It is as simple to configure and implement as end users were not involved in its implementation and we didn’t change the network map. Keep track of malicious connections and prevent all devices from accessing them along with reporting the source device/user information. SIEM integration simply enables to setup and forget. It doesn’t increase the EPS.
- Information Security Manager | Enterprise (> 1000 emp.)
"Don't undervalue the importance of the DNS surface!"
We used Cisco Umbrella before, but this product didn't give us the necessary visibility. Thanks to DNSEye, we can get much more advanced reports. We evaluated DNSEye between Infoblox and chose it quickly when we saw the dashboard quality and capabilities.
- Network and System Manager | Enterprise (> 1000 emp.)
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