Why DNSSense?

DNSSense has the following unique features to protect your enterprise network.

All historical data about any domains

Our advanced Cyber X-Ray dynamic database utilizes AI algorithms to analyze and classify domains on the Internet based on their historical and relational data, providing comprehensive cyber threat intelligence.

Test your security products with the help of Security Gap

With the help of our Security Gap feature, you can test whether your existing security assets can detect and prevent persistent malicious activities in the network. Security Gap is the only product that directly shows whether other products have the ability to detect the malware it has detected.

We protect your business even from
Firstly-Seen domains

When trying to access a ‘First-Seen’ domain, the connection will not be established until the requested non-existent domain in DNSSense’s database is analysed and categorised by DNSSense’s AI-powered engines, following which the connection will be prevented or established depending on the content of the domain, i.e. whether the domain contains malicious content or not.

Without changing your network topology

DNSDome does not need an agent. Without installing any agent, you can protect your systems with persistent DNS services and high response times. Internet speeds are quicker with DNS encryption via UDP than with DoH & DoT.Quick and hassle-free deployment. Nothing about your network's design will change.

The most advanced SIEM integration

Other SIEM products in the market require writing correlation rules to detect information related to the user and host name behind the malicious DNS activity. DNSSense makes this redundant by sending this information to any SIEM solution ready and hassle-free.

Real time categorisation and security score

We guarantee real-time domain classification which is essential for retrieving security-related information. DNSDome remains the only product in the market that provides a security score.

Approved by millions

We are happy and proud of our contribution to the world's most respected organisations' digital transformation and cyber security processes.






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