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Raw DNS Logs Are Vast, Disperse and Difficult to Interpret


DNS traffic analysis is essential for identifying elusive threats, yet the collection and processing of logs present significant challenges. This is partly because DNS logs are generated across an organisation’s infrastructure, making the task of gathering them from diverse and dispersed sources particularly challenging.

Another contributing factor is the sheer volume of logs, coupled with their varying types and formats, which further complicates parsing and processing them.

DNSSense's Solution

Intelligent Automated Log Collection & Seamless Integrations
A DNSEye Feature

DNSSense’s DDR 2.0 solutions have the ability to contextualise DNS traffic with telemetry from Cyber X-Ray and XDR, DHCP, SIEM, and IAM platforms. This bidirectional enrichment of DNS logs significantly enhances data correlation and cross-layer visibility, allowing SOC/MDR teams to receive enriched alerts for proactive threat detection and response.

By unifying DNS and endpoint data, security officers can streamline workflows and only focus on relevant actionable insights, significantly reducing alarm overload and log-processing costs.