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Unifying Security Efforts Through the Power of DNS


In the ever-growing landscape of cyber threats, organisations often implement a variety of security measures at different levels of their IT infrastructure to create a more resilient defence against potential threats.

While employing multiple lines of defence is necessary for strengthening overall security, there is a potential downside: the complexity, integration challenges, and configuration and maintenance issues of various - often disjointed - security measures can give rise to hidden security gaps that may be exploited by adversaries.

DNSSense's Solution

Security Gap Report
A DNSEye Feature

The “Security Gap” module of DNSSense has the unique ability to simulate connections to potentially malicious domains to measure the efficiency of existing security controls.

By highlighting the areas that may be liable to threats, unauthorised access points, or other security breaches, “Security Gap” enables security teams to prioritise security enhancements, complement their defence stack, and derive maximum value from their security investments.