DNSSense Managed Service Provider (MSP) Program

Elevate Your Clients’ Cybersecurity Maturity with DNSSense

Meet DNSSense

Navigating today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape poses a significant challenge for most enterprises. Keeping pace with the latest technologies, proactively addressing emerging threats, and maintaining a highly skilled in-house IT team with deep cross-domain expertise often exceeds the capabilities of many businesses.

AI-Driven Technology

DNSSense leverages AI to fortify corporate networks and unveil malicious users, devices, and rogue applications.

Plug-and-play Solutions

Regardless of the network size, all our products can be implemented pain-free, without the need for lengthy reconfigurations or changes to network structure.

Complementary Offerings

Our unique solutions are designed to augment existing controls and boost their effectiveness through seamless integrations, which also foster cross-sell opportunities.

Unwavering Support

Partners are critical to our success, and we’ll make sure you receive comprehensive sales, marketing, and technical support in order to grow with us.

Elevate your business with industry-leading solutions

76 Countries
+10,000 companies
+1 million unique users

Step into the Path of Progression

Upgrade your offerings with AI powered DNSSense solutions and set the stage for expansion by partnering with the global pioneer of the DNS security.

Discover the DNSSense Managed Service Provider Program

DNSSense’s MSP program brings the first next-gen DNS Detection & Response (DDR 2.0) solution set right to the doorstep of providers . Integrating threat analytics from Cyber X-Ray, the world’s best AI-powered domain intelligence service, and exclusive DNS visibility reports and response modules in the market, DNSSense empowers MSPs to provide custom-configured security services to their customers across all segments and industries in a centralised multi-tenant platform, streamline new acquisitions, and benefit from optimised pricing models.

Program Benefits

The platform’s multi-tenant capabilities allow MSPs to centrally manage end users, customise policies and lists, and monitor activity across their supported customers through a unified dashboard.

Here are the key benefits of the DNSSense MSP program:

Multi-tenant management for individual customers

Centralised billing options (monthly or annual)

Flexible, pay-as-you-go licensing model

Pre-sales and 24/7 post-sales vendor support

Dedicated channel account management

Lead assignment priorities

Co-marketing support

Program Overview

Tier 1: Perpetual

Perpetual License Model

Plans include:
MSPs purchase an upfront annual license block to distribute across their customer base.
As consumption changes, MSPs can easily add or reallocate licenses as needed.
The MSP manages the customer licenses on their behalf, renewing them at the end of the contract term.
DNSSense sales team provides support to drive SMB sales growth for the MSP.

Tier 2: Pay as you go

Usage-Based Model

Plans include:
Designed for MSPs providing “Security-as-a-Service” (SaaS) offerings.
Multi-tenant platform allows MSPs to manage customer assets and generate separate reports.
MSP commits to an annual usage-based contract with monthly or quarterly billing.
Pricing scales based on the aggregated number of assets under management.

MSP Program Brochure

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