Unleash Unprecedented Cyber Defence Maturity with DNSEye

Identify malicious behaviours right down to their origins, automate responses, enrich your DNS data with plug-and-play integrations, and enhance your overall security posture with our AI-powered features.

Discover and utilise the hidden insights in your DNS traffic

DDR 2.0: Defend from both known and unknown threats

Detect and make sense of anomalies in outbound DNS traffic across devices, users, and applications leveraging our innovative DNS Detection and Response approach. Enjoy comprehensive protection against well-known threats as well as those never seen before.

Streamline traffic investigation for proactive security

Pinpoint the origins of suspicious DNS queries, including the responsible users or applications, their initiation time, spread, and recurrence. Embrace a proactive defence mechanism that delivers potential threats to your doorstep, eliminating the need for manual detection.

Enrich your endpoints with actionable DNS insights

Combine your DNS logs with EDR/XDR telemetry, network logs, and our world’s best domain threat intelligence platform, Cyber X-Ray, for data correlation and cross-layer visibility. Empower your security team with enriched alerts to facilitate timely and effective detection and response from vast volumes of DNS traffic.

Harness rule-based automations with the Security Incident module

Set up customised rules based on the latest intelligence feeds, best practices and user-defined actions to automate incident resolution and eliminate human oversights. Handle intricate and evolving incidents that may defy predefined rule sets by leveraging the power of our cutting-edge AI engines.

Eliminate blind spots in your network with the Security Gap feature

Gain valuable insights into areas where your existing security controls may be liable to potential threats, unauthorised access, or other security breaches. Illuminate and bridge security gaps in your network to complement your cyber defence stack/maturity and prioritise security enhancements.

Detect suspicious requests to Firstly Visited Domains

Detect unusual DNS requests to previously unvisited domains, protecting against zero-days, and strengthening overall network security. Generate detailed reports on these first-time visits, including device information and time intervals for prompt mitigation of potential cyber threats.

Trace malicious DNS queries back to their origins

Delve into your DNS traffic to trace concealed malware paths. Instantly access process information and uncover entry points, compromised devices, or external sources initiating malicious DNS queries, with just one click.

Unlock the Next-level DNS Security Benefits


Maximum ROI

Maximise your Return on Investment and save up to 99% on log-processing costs by only forwarding alerts to your SIEM & SOAR systems that merit attention.

All Platform Support

Experience seamless integrations with various DNS server brands, including Microsoft, Infoblox, BIND, BlueCat, EfficientIP, F5, and Citrix.

Easy Deployment

Enjoy a rapid, hassle-free deployment within an hour, even for large enterprise networks, without requiring network remapping or agent installation.

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