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The Journey of Growth

At DNSSense, AI (artificial intelligence) solutions play an active role in cyber security with cloud-based DNS visibility solutions. If you want to offer added value to your customers and pave the way for growth by adding DNSSense solutions to your portfolio, discover the world of DNSSense!

All You Need to Know About DNSSense

DNSSense is a technology company that develops unique products in the field of cyber security, offering solutions that are used by over 10,000 corporate customers in 76 countries around the world and reaching over 1 million individual users. Today, DNSSense enables institutions to connect to the internet securely with its three integrated products in enterprise DNS security and offers all the DNS analysis data with advanced features to SOC teams.

AI-Powered enterprise DNS security solutions

DNSSense harnesses AI solutions to protect enterprise networks and gives visibility to invisible malicious activities on businesses’ networks.

Hybrid cloud technology used in 76 countries

With offices in 6 countries, DNSSense's cloud-based solutions reach over 10,000 corporate customers and more than 1 million unique users in 76 countries.

Easy-to-implement solutions in network topology, with no changes required

DNSSense harnesses AI solutions to protect enterprise networks and gives visibility to invisible malicious activities on businesses’ networks

The most advanced SIEM integration

Other SIEM products require writing various correlation rules to find the user and hostname of the related DNS activity. DNSSense sends them to any SIEM solution off-the-shelf and seamlessly.

Ecosystem growth with partner program

DNSSense leverages its partner network to equip more businesses worldwide with reliable solutions. The DNSSense Partner Program also offers growth opportunities to market-leading technology companies.

Unlock your global growth with our partner program

76 Countries
+10,000 companies
+1 million unique users

DNSSense Partner Program

With its standard-defining solutions in enterprise DNS security, DNSSense includes its distinguished business partners in its success stories with a four-level Partner Program.

DNSSense offers different levels of partnership to encourage sales growth, to increase ease of doing business, and to strengthen credible partnerships. These models differ in requirements and benefits and propose various offers for partners who want to add DNSSense solutions to their portfolio.

The DNSSense Partner Program accepts businesses at four different levels.


Become one of DNSSense’s most prestigious partners.


Give your customers the confidence of the yellow badge.


Enter the exclusive ecosystem of DNSSense.


Represent DNSSense solutions in your market

Open new doors as a DNSSense Partner

Regardless of the partnership level, you will feel the DNSSense privileges at every step.

Expand your solution portfolio

The more solutions you offer, the more likely you are to win over customers. Include DNSSense solutions in your portfolio and stay ahead of the competition.

Offer additional discounts

Offer DNSSense solutions to your customers with discounts exclusive to your partnership type. Increase the conversion potential with customers looking for an enterprise DNS security solution.

Gain expertise

Leverage the experience of DNSSense experts and increase your employees’ sales and technical competencies. Grow with the expertise of a state-of-the-art solution ecosystem.

Benefit from marketing support

DNSSense offers marketing support according to the partnership level. Get more qualified leads with better marketing investment.

Access the partner portal

Manage your partnership via the partner portal of the DNSSense ecosystem. Easily track how your DNSSense partnership contributes to your business profitability.

Become a Partner

If you are ready to join the DNSSense's Global Partner Program, let’s get started:
  • Find out what benefits are available at the three different partner levels
  • Enrich your portfolio as a partner of a global technology vendor
  • Take the next step with the industry-leading products from DNSSense, used by the top companies

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