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DNSSense elevates cybersecurity into a new era by incorporating AI into the DNS protocol. We research and develop unique, customer-centric solutions that complement the security teams' efforts for over 10,000 corporate clients across 76 countries.

AI-Driven Technology

DNSSense leverages AI to fortify corporate networks and unveil malicious users, devices, and rogue applications.

Plug-and-play Solutions

Regardless of the network size, all our products can be implemented pain-free, without the need for lengthy reconfigurations or changes to network structure.

Complementary Offerings

Our unique solutions are designed to augment existing controls and boost their effectiveness through seamless integrations, which also foster cross-sell opportunities.

Unwavering Support

Partners are critical to our success, and we’ll make sure you receive comprehensive sales, marketing, and technical support in order to grow with us.

Elevate your business with industry-leading solutions

76 Countries
+10,000 companies
+1 million unique users

Step into the Path of Progression

Upgrade your offerings with AI powered DNSSense solutions and set the stage for expansion by partnering with the global pioneer of the DNS security.

Discover the DNSSense Partner Program

We recognise the importance of a trustedvendor in your journey. Cherishing our partners' dedication to us, we'vecrafted our partner programme to facilitate seamless collaboration. Incorporateour award-winning solutions into your portfolio and catapult your business tounprecedented heights.

Four different partnership levels


Exclusive support and incentives reserved for our most prestigious partners


Benefit from qualified leads and greater input from our channel team


Access more resources as you grow your DNSSense business


Sell the full range of DNSSense products

Download DNSSense Partner Programs

DNSSense Partner Program

Open new doors as a DNSSense Partner

Advance Your Solution Portfolio

Capitalise on unique solutions, earn special partner accreditations, and secure substantial discounts. Include DNSSense solutions into your portfolio and stay ahead of the competition.

Dedicated Channel Team

Our channel specialists stand as a crucial resource, devoted to driving your success to new heights.

Exceptional Sales Support

Rely on our thorough pre- and post-sales support to expedite deal closures and sustain customer satisfaction.

Gain Visibility

Benefit from DNSSense's highly tailored sales and marketing programs, optimise your marketing investments.

Become a Partner

If you are ready to join the DNSSense's Global Partner Program, let’s get started:
  • Find out what benefits are available at the three different partner levels
  • Enrich your portfolio as a partner of a global technology vendor
  • Take the next step with the industry-leading products from DNSSense, used by the top companies
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