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A Secure Corporate Ecosystem Requires a Zero-Trust Approach


Every day, a large number of safe websites become victims of unauthorised control by malicious actors. These instances range from seemingly harmless SEO hijacks to targeted attacks on unsuspecting individuals, posing substantial risks to corporate assets. While these websites are commonly categorised as "Compromised Websites" within the Malicious category, it is crucial to recognise that involuntary DNS requests can also originate from trusted and reputable websites.

DNSSense's Solution

Zero-Trust Domain Classification
A Cyber X-Ray Feature

With Cyber X-Ray’s Zero-Trust approach to domain classification, connection attempts to Risky domains, including dead sites, parked domains, as well as Firstly Seen and Newly Registered domains will trigger an immediate reclassification protocol. This process enables Cyber X-Ray to promptly identify even those websites that may appear benign on the surface but have actually been compromised or recently engaged in malicious activities.