Cyber X-Ray

Dynamic cyber threat intelligence

Cyber X-Ray classifies the domains on the Internet according to their “historical and relational data” with artificial intelligence algorithms.

Why AI-powered domain categorisation?

Massive Domain Count

Manual categorisation is not fast enough to meet the needs of a corporate firm. There are millions of domains in today’s world and it is impossible to categorise them efficiently without the help of AI.

Abundance of Features

AI can see and analyse historical information of a domain in a matter of seconds. It also scrutinises 850+ features of any given domain.

Greater Accuracy

AI provides a more comprehensive analysis of the domain you are querying and allows you to examine other domains associated with the one in question.

See beyond the surface with Cyber X-Ray

It takes the analysis of hundreds of data points with multiple AI engines to produce the best domain threat intelligence in the world.

Not just the end results – take a sneak peek at the hidden side of the internet, witness the cyber revolution in real time, and let Cyber X-Ray be your guide.

Key benefits


Malicious domain detection

See the security risk score of domains on the Internet. Learn more about current malware.

Content classification

Classify the domains on the Internet according to their content with artificial intelligence algorithms. Cyber X-Ray’s constantly updated and powerful database allows you to find out the category of the domain you are analysing.

Dynamic tracking

Have the most up-to-date information about the domain you want at your disposal. Cyber X-Ray scans and keeps a daily track of all the domains on the Internet.

Contextual domain history report

Complete your analysis with various information collected through constant daily scans of the entire Internet. Cyber X-Ray helps you determine other domains that use the same IP address, same SSL certificate, and have the same WHOIS, NS and MX records. It also provides information on linking domains and their relationship in terms of security.

Frequently asked questions

What is your false positive rate in domain classification?

You claim that you categorise better than other companies. How can you prove this?

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