Cyber X-Ray

The Heart of Next-Gen DNS Security: DDR 2.0

Cyber X-Ray is the world's best domain threat intelligence service, utilising multiple AI engines to supercharge our solutions.

DDR 2.0 (Next-Generation DNS Detection and Response) represents a seismic shift by instantly incorporating detailed domain intelligence into each and every outbound DNS query thanks to Cyber X-Ray’s speed and accuracy.

Cyber X-Ray unveiled

The most comprehensive domain analysis

Harnessing multiple cutting-edge AI engines, Cyber X-Ray collects, analyses, and historically stores a vast array of data points – about 850 in number - from every single domain, providing an unprecedented depth of understanding for each DNS query.

Rapid AI-powered domain classification

In the ever-dynamic world of domain categorisation, Cyber X-Ray meticulously scans and categorises every corner of the Internet—from established domains to emerging threats—ensuring that any shifts or changes in domains are immediately detected with 99.999% accuracy.

Real-Time domain intelligence

Rather than merely determining safe and malicious domains, Cyber X-Ray has the ability to instantly deliver specific domain intelligence on demand to DDR solutions, enabling them to detect the most sophisticated cyber threats.
Unparallel Domain Classification
Cyber X-Ray employs multiple AI engines that operate independently to classify the entire internet. This distributed approach positions Cyber X-Ray as the most accurate domain intelligence service for identifying malicious domains used in malware, ransomware and phishing attacks.
Revolutionary Domain Intelligence
By offering on-demand domain intelligence, Cyber X-Ray not only demystifies user behaviour through the “Why Visited" module but also excels in real-time detection of domain anomalies.
Zero-Trust Domain Classification:
A New Standard in DNS Security
By embracing the Zero-Trust methodology, Cyber X-Ray
provides real-time reclassification of Risky domains, including those that are Newly-Registered and Firstly-Seen. Integrated withthe DDR 2.0 framework, even domains previously considered safe are also subjected to Cyber X-Ray’s scrutiny.

What makes Cyber X-Ray unique?


Dynamic machine learning

Employing multiple AI engines, Cyber X-Ray continually evolves by assimilating both new and historical data. Whenever new malware is identified, the system adapts by incorporating past simulations into its learning models.

Unmatched speed and precision

Cyber X-Ray's capability to classify firstly-seen domains within mere minutes is unmatched in the industry. Its superior accuracy is not just a claim—it's substantiated through Security Gap reports.

Comprehensive intelligence at your fingertips

Not only does Cyber X-Ray offer in-depth analysis for each domain, but it also grants users access to a rich trove of historical intelligence, enabling well-informed decision-making when needed.

Tailored real-time inspection

Fully integrated with our DDR 2.0 solutions, Cyber X-Ray possesses a vast understanding of the Internet's intricacies. It can perform custom inspections in real-time, targeting domains that may appear safe but exhibit unusual behaviour for even a single user.

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