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Defend From Firstly-Seen Domains


Malicious domains are typically active for a short period before being abandoned, providing only a brief window of time for systems to be compromised.

Knowing that, organisations face the risk of clients establishing connections to domains that may later be identified as malicious.  

Mainstream cybersecurity tools fail to detect these attacks, leaving organisations vulnerable. This is due to the fact that a typical zero-day attack lasts 312 days on average before being detected as shown by Bilge & Dumitras’ studies.

Given that such attacks can occur at the DNS layer as well, it becomes even more difficult for businesses to discover breaches.

DNSSense's Solution

Powered by AI and deep learning algorithms, Cyber X-Ray categorises firstly-seen and newly registered domains within minutes.

By delivering the industry's fastest classification time, Cyber X-Ray prevents connection attempts to firstly-seen domains until they are marked as safe.

Reports generated by Cyber X-Ray, such as first-time domain visits, and connections to known malicious domains from key network devices, unveil previously hidden backdoors, thus protecting networks against zero-day attacks.