vs. Infoblox vs.

A Comparative User-Centric Overview

Exploring the Shared and Distinct Capabilities of the Two Brands

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When faced with an abundance of appealing choices, individuals often experience what psychologists refer to as “choice paralysis”. This phenomenon involves the struggle of choosing the absolute best option and the mental exhaustion that can come with it, as each alternative must be carefully evaluated to determine the optimal choice. This is especially true for high-stakes decision-making scenarios, where the margin for error is narrow due to the potential risks and consequences associated with making an incorrect decision.

The world of DNS security solutions perfectly exemplifies this predicament, where the constantly evolving threat landscape coincides with a myriad of vendors vying for attention, each claiming to offer the ultimate security suite. The present document aims to illuminate the distinct capabilities of two prominent players in the DNS security market: DNSSense and Infoblox. By highlighting the nuances of their shared features and the specific domains in which each excels, this guide hopes to equip decision makers with a deeper understanding of the services of both brands that align with their unique infrastructure and security demands.

What makes DNSSense different?

Contrasting Key Features: DNSSense vs Infoblox


AI-Based DNS Tunneling Protection

Security Gap Report

One-Click Infected Device Detection

Firstly Visited Domains Report

Roaming Clients for Off-Network Users

SOAR and API integration

Ease of Deployment


DNS, DHCP, and IP Management

Roaming Clients for Off-Network Users

SOAR and API integration




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