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Centralised & Simplified DNS Log Collection


Despite the fact that, analysis of DNS traffic helps prevent otherwise difficult to detect threats, collecting and processing logs is a daunting task.

Moreover, as DNS logs are generated across an organisation's entire infrastructure, gathering logs from numerous distinct and dispersed sources presents a significant challenge.

The sheer volume of logs generated, along with various log types and formats, adds complexity to parsing and processing them.

DNSSense’s Solution

DNSEye fundamentally streamlines the log collection, effortlessly gathering logs from all sources and conducting an in-depth analysis, irrespective of the DNS infrastructure.

Following a deployment that takes minutes, potential anomalies are inspected, verified, and investigated to reveal attack paths. Cross-platform support, and true network visibility complements users' existing security stack.

In conclusion, DNSEye is a unique product, tailored specifically to meet the demands of large networks.