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Identify the Source of Malicious DNS Traffic


DNS logs contain critical data that can assist in identifying hidden security risks and determining the users and devices involved early in the kill chain.

For instance, DNS logs do record the IP address of the device making a DNS request, but this information alone is often insufficient when attempting to identify the source machine.

Enriching log data with information such as username and mac address from external sources is also a tricky business.

DNSSense's Solution

DNSEye simplifies the process of identifying users, machines and rogue applications behind DNS requests using its Host Discovery and User Identification features.

Without requiring changes to the network structure, DNSEye compiles data from multiple sources, including; DNS infrastructures, endpoints, DHCP, and directory services.

Enabling security teams to quickly link futile IP addresses to their source and effortlessly reveal attack paths which facilitates timely responses and remediations.

Learn how DNSEye forms your initial layer in your Extended Detection Response framework & process and offers unparallel visibility into your first line of defence.