Solution by need

Increase ROI with the SIEM Integration


Organisations with SOC teams face challenges in extracting actionable insights from DNS logs, which consequently impede the achievement of their desired ROI.

DNS logs contain vast amounts of data that can be challenging to sift through and analyse, leading to alert fatigue and wasted time and effort investigating ultimately benign activity.

These factors result in a situation where organisations are not fully utilising their SIEM investments, leaving them vulnerable to undetected security threats.

DNSSense's Solution

DNSEye empowers security teams to maximise the value of their cyber security expenditures by providing in-depth DNS traffic intelligence.

DNSEye filters DNS log data and only sends records to the SIEM that merit attention, enabling SOC teams to effectively handle large volumes of DNS traffic, and helps organisations save up to 99% on the SIEM costs associated with processing DNS logs.