DNSSense has sponsored the summits that brought the IT industry together.

DNSSense has sponsored the summits that brought the IT industry together.

DNS layer security provider DNSSense was one of the main supporters of the IT Forum 'Cx0' 2022, the 15th 'IDC Security Summit and Public Information Summit', which brings the IT industry together.

'IT Forum 'Cx0' 2022' was held in Istanbul Bilişim Valley, with attendance from leading corporate executives in the IT sector and many local and foreign speakers, with the DNSSense’s sponsorship. The event drew over 400 participants and over 25 expert speakers from more than ten countries, held for the fourth time this year. Today's topics such as Digital Transformation, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, 5G, Smart Cities, Data and Cyber Security, and Blockchain have been discussed within the 'IT Forum 'CxO' 2022'. With its lively exhibition and conference halls, professional networking environment, roundtable meetings, and high occupancy, the event provided participants with the opportunity to have an enjoyable and productive day.

The future of security solutions has been discussed

DNSSense was one of the partners at the 15th 'IDC Security Summit,' organised by International Data Corporation (IDC) Turkey, a leading market research firm headquartered in the United States. The summit was held in Sapanca on March 21-22 under the theme of "Strong Security in the Companies of the Future.", the future of the security solutions market in Turkey has been forecasted to reach 345 million dollars with an annual growth rate of 6.9% over the next five years.

The 7th 'Public Informatics Summit', organised by the Public Informatics Association and supported by DNSSense as well. The event was held in Antalya on March 10-13 under the"Public Informatics Festival". On more than 2,000 square metres of space, the summit hosted more than 500 exhibitors, nearly 100 sponsor standsand public, university, and municipal IT managers.

Tailor-made solutions for DNS security

Focusing on DNS security, DNSSense solutions are used by over 120 corporate companies in Turkey and over 10,000 SMB customers in 75 countries through three different Firewall companies that do business globally.

About DNSSense

Established in 2012, DNSSense started out as a domain classification project. After developing a dynamic domain classification infrastructure, in 2016, it went on to provide cloud-based secure DNS service for enterprise-level customers.


Soon after, it has focused on DNS analysis and Advanced DNS Visibility products for the needs of enterprise networks.

Today, with three integrated products, DNSSense enables institutions to connect to the internet securely while providing all DNS analysis data that SOC teams need.