In London, we have revealed the newest product features at the Strand Palace Hotel

In London, we have revealed the newest product features at the Strand Palace Hotel

Buckle up, as DNSSense is getting ready for a big launch!  

Last week saw the coming together of our team at the grandiose Strand Palace Hotel in London, where DNSSense’s headquarters are also located, to unveil our latest product features to a select group of customers. Following an extensive R&D process, the pre-launch was nothing short of outstanding as evident from the overwhelming support we received.

Before showcasing the new features, our marketing director, Serhat Sahin, pointed out the importance of making sense of DNS. “Today, %95 of cyber-attacks exploit the DNS protocol. As large enterprises have to juggle between multiple network security products for their daily operations, it is essential to help organisations ease this burden through streamlined processes and innovative solutions”, he maintained.

DNSSense’s Founder & CEO, Erhan YUKSEL, shed more light on how the new features came to be: “Our software and AI teams have been hard at work to identify crucial gaps in the existing DNS Security Concepts and Products. Leveraging our deep AI knowledge and technology vision, we have incorporated innovative ideas into our products that will elevate us above the competition”, he said before highlighting DNSSense’s motto: “Detect, Make Sense, and Respond”.

The new functionalities provide even greater insight into previously unintelligible traffic and allow organisations to detect known and unknown threats early on. Integration with existing security assets such as EDRs and XDRs has also been enhanced to help organisations save time, reduce the financial burden and boost their cyber defence maturity. All in all, the pre-launch was a tremendous success in a buzzing London evening.