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November 13, 2023

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Did you already know that...

Did you know that 80+ % of IP addresses that generate malicious traffic cannot be resolved immediately!

This is due to the fact that they do not carry an IP address!

According to the 2021 DNSSense Things of The Internet Global Cyber Domain Report, domains in malicious categories pose a threat to network security. Some of these domains include malware/viruses, DGA domains (created with a unique algorithm), botnets, phishing, proxies, spams, and warez sites. As demonstrated in the graph below, 75% of malicious domains belong to the “Potentially Dangerous” category.

Invisible Malware Domains

More than 80% of malware domains do not have an IP address at the moment. Malware requests that do not have an IP address can only be detected in the DNS log. Cyber X-Ray discovers an average of 100,000 malicious domains per day. Below is an example of a malicious traffic report found in a passive state. Since domains do not have IP addresses, they are recorded as That is why infected machines whose botnet C&C servers are constantly trying to connect to other security devices that work in Layer 7 (application layer) such as firewalls, proxy devices, and IPSs cannot be detected.

It is our belief that DNS analytics of corporatenetworks allows making security analysis of and detecting sophisticated attackson the entire network. We have made it a commitment of ours to develop productsthat help you achieve this.

For more detailed information, please read "Detect Invisible Malicious Traffic" solution.

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