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November 13, 2023

DNSSense has discovered a new type of malicious domain that no other security vendor has yet detected

By now, you have most likely heard about malware. They appear on all browsers, even when all add-ons have been disabled. If your machine gets infected with this malware, every time you open a new web page and select the address bar, you will get this malware address supplied “”.

Most security vendors classify this website as malicious and can block all associated traffic easily.

But, things are not that easy! Each day, attackers find a new way to bypass these blockages. DNSSense has discovered a new attack associated with more than 650k domains.

These 650k malicious domains have the following features in common: when visited, they get redirected to a different address on almost every visit. Moreover, when a request is made using the HEAD method, you will get the Status Code 400 (Bad Request Error) with the end.url:

Let’s look at as an example. No other security vendor has identified this address as a potential threat:

Thanks to our AI-native domain classification platform, Cyber X-Ray, you can now easily detect these malicious domains and protect your business.

DNSSense is the easiest way to be secure.

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